Unique Eyeliner Styles For 2021

From liquid liner looks to humid and dirty, eyeliner is one of the most popular and adaptable beauty products found in everyone's makeup bags. The thing is, so many of us have gotten used to a specific way of wearing eyeliner for so long that we're missing out on some serious creativity when it comes to using our eyeliners to their full potential. Whether you want to wear a different colored pencil or finally get the shape of your wing just right, keep scrolling for a round-up of all the dissimilar ways you can wear eyeliner from here on out. The eyeliner styles are following:

Neon flick:

Neon eyeliner might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but after seeing this liner look, it's surely something that will be fueling our originality from here on out. To recreate this, you can use a liquid liner or a gel eyeliner with a slanted brush to safeguard you get the perfect flick at the end. Notice how the eyeliner starts at the inner eye area and then picks back up at the outer lash line for an abstract feel that's very cool. These eyeliner styles are in more than a day.

Brighten the waterline:

Using a white or flesh-toned eyeliner on the inner waterline can rapidly brighten and help reduce the look of any redness in the eyes. Applying eyeliner here is an outstanding for anyone who might've overslept or had a late night and needs to look awake as soon as possible. 

Baby wings:

Connecting your top and bottom eyeliner with the least flick on the outer corners gives a different spin on the definitive winged liner look but can also be just as dramatic. For this look, you'll want to wear a long-lasting eyeliner pencil that has a creamy consistency so you can easily apply it to the top and bottom lash line.

Smoky, smudged frame:

When eyeliner is used to frame the eye shape it's a countless way to pop your eye color, and this chocolate brown color looks lovely on both the top and bottom lash. Line. Smudging the formula with a brush or your fingers adds a more affected effect if you want to dress up your eyeliner and look just a touch.

Stiletto wing:

Like a tinny, stiletto heel, this wing isn't as thick as the normal shapes we see yet still adds drama to the eyes without needing much else. The best way to get a slim line like this on the outer corners of the eyes is to use a thin, angled eyeliner brush or liquid eyeliner. 

Just the top:

Applying eyeliner to just the highest of the lash line helps to describe the eye and also works well if eyeliner on the bottom is too much for you or tends to become dirty. This liner is just thick enough that it improves the shape of the eyes and pairs well with the chosen eyeshadow colors. You can see near in your markets wholesale boxes with logo packaging companies are providing their services to product manufacturers that you can print your details about the product on boxes to guide the customers.

Royal blue:

Classically created using a black liquid liner, winged eyeliner looks can take on all forms of colors, and we love this royal blue version. Blue is a great shade to wear as a liner, seeing as a lot of people tend to shy away from a full-blown eyeshadow look when just starting to experiment with color.

Team two-toned:

Add the amazement of a second color to your standard black eyeliner by applying it under the bottom lashes for contrast. The subtle burgundy color and black work well together here, creating a nice contrast that still works for those who sink towards more neutral colors. These eyeliner styles are more stylish.

Thick and thin:

Change the shape of your eyeliner between thick and thin by adding a packed line on the top of the eyes while keeping the bottom-line light. Doing it this way adds definition all around but allows you to play with different widths.


Barely there Eyeliner:

Eyeliner doesn't need to be that obvious if you don't want it to be. You can apply the smallest amount to define the eyes and call it a day. This look shows that a little goes a long way when wearing a natural eye makeup look, and we're so here for it.

Metallic wings:

Attractively applied, this shiny metallic eyeliner can go any regular makeup look into something remarkable. The key is adding a slight, thin line on top of black eyeliner so that it stands out.

The Brighter, the Better:

Brave, fresh color mixed with a little energy on the eyelids is beautiful, especially the bright orange tone. Custom eyeliner packaging boxes are available in all shapes and styles so you can save eyebrow accessories according to your preferences.